Keyboard Kommander Lexicography

Hello, Kadets!

We’re solidifying our build of Keyboard Kommander in preparation for our May 4th release at iFest!

You can check our Discord server for exclusive content, and in the meantime, here’s a teaser of what you can expect from the latest version:

Five newly made dictionaries. We’ve vetted the lexicography for entertaining words related to the horror genre and ensuring that no nasty swear words leaked in!

That’s all for now. We’ve gotta fight off another round of zombies now!

Prepare for iFest!

Attention, Kadets!

We have some announcements!

In preparation for iFest, the Keyboard Kommander and his team have assembled and have quite a number of exciting features to report on.

First off, we will be planning new dictionar-


Keyboard Steven That Does Audio, Keyboard Kommander, Keyboard Jenn X, and Keyboard Steven That Does Programming Strategize 


Oh no! Our signal’s been interrupted by the Orthographimancer! Quick, to the Discord server for more updates! We expect-


May 4th


Repeat, May


4th! iFest!

Keyboard Kommander with Redacted Plans



[News/Updates] Updating Our Designs!

Hello, Keyboard Kadets!

Keyboard Anthony reporting in! I’ve cleared the broadband space on this secure channel so the Orthographimancer will not trace our signal.

Attentive kadets will notice that we’ve been working on our designs for both and our download page over at! If you have any suggestions, please broadcast them on our comments page for a special reward!

Oh no!

Jetpack Jack and Jetpack Jane have found us!

End transmission! End transmission!

[News and Updates] What’s New, Kadets?

Hello, Keyboard Kadets!

We’ve been making significant progress to Keyboard Kommander.

We can’t reveal too much about what progress has been made at this time, because then our plans will be revealed to The Orthographimancer and her hordes of post-apocalyptic zombies and mutants, but we can reveal this:

  1. Pumpkin variants for zombies!
  2. New rager zombies will speed up attacks when the player makes a typo!
  3. Various bug fixes to increase stability!

The easiest way to find out what changes we’ve made is to download the Oktober Edition!