[Art] SPOOK-tober Posters!

Hey, kadets!

Here are three posters that Keyboard Josh and Keyboard Anthony jammed on making for our upcoming Spook-tober update!

Poster designed by Keyboard Anthony
with art by Keyboard Dion!

Poster designed by Keyboard Josh
with royalty-free art!

Poster designed by Keyboard Anthony
with screenshots of in-game zombies!

[News and Updates] Upcoming SPOOK-tober update!

Hey folks sorry for making you all wait, but we have an update worth talking about!

Thanks in no small part to our SIX debut we’ve been able to garner a lot more positive attention AND we have more volunteers on board for helping develop the game! More programmers, a couple of artists and story devs and a new Audio man to replace the amazingly talented Dennis who was able to get a job in the gaming industry doing sound design (GOD SPEED YE GENTLE AUDIOMAN!)

So Now we are gearing up for IFest which is happening all the way in May, with new system updates, more streamlined code and new art we’ve been cookin’ up. But may is a long ways away, and since Halloween is just around the corner we’re doing a spooky celebration by adding some new art assets for the festivities and having a more stable build than before!

We’ll be releasing the build a few days before halloween so get ready to mash those keys into the zombies SPOOKY style!

[Story Mode] October Build, Beyond

It’s alive!

After months of preparation for our booth at the PAX Seattle Indies Expo 2018, and receiving klamorously positive feedback from game-likers and educators alike, the Keyboard Kommandos took a well-deserved break. Now, we’re back!

Since our October build of Keyboard Kommander will primarily focus on back-end material, let’s focus on the most noticeable additions: KeyboardKommander.com will be our central communication hub for news, updates on various aspects of development, including, our story mode plans!